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Find it, locally.
About Us

No other local paper or mag covers more homes every month!

NOW in our eighth year of publication, with hundreds of local businesses using our booklets every month to promote their services, we've listened to what our customers tell us works best.

The answer is BIG distribution and the lowest prices.

Here's how it works:
• We publish four local A5 directories every month.
• Ads start at £35 per month, plus VAT. Click here for more detail on books and prices.
• We use Royal Mail for delivery, so that all homes are covered in our postcode areas, not just the ones that are easy to deliver to.
• We invoice monthly, no need to pay for several months up-front.
• Over 75% of our advertisers have used us for at least a year.
• Free professional graphic design.
• You can alternate areas or change them.

Total Pages Coverage

CALL 07972 413475 or click here for more details and advice on how to promote your business in the most cost-effective way.

“We are receiving more work from Halifax Pages than any other form of media. It is the top performing advertisement from where we receive our work” - OvenU Halifax
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